Josh Wolfsohn – Live at Bentham

I’ve created a monster! Yeah, that’s my kid.
The idea of these Live at Bentham vids is to be as natural and acoustic as possible. So nothing electrical and no monitoring, just a pure acoustic recording.
Somehow here I’ve got Josh playing a DI’d electric and wearing headphones so he can hear it, which is exactly what we’re not doing, but here it is anyway.

I Di’d the guitar with an Orchid Electronics box. As far as I can tell it’s the cleanest DI box available and always my first choice.

The vocal mic is my Oktava MKL2500, not using a pop shield as he sings very quietly and isn’t close enough to need it.

Mix wise, the guitar is just compressed a bit. Josh likes the real tone of the guitar without any amp or fx.
The vocal is slammed pretty hard through a couple of compressors to give it that close, in your head sound. This also brings up the room a bit which I like, and there are no room mics so it’s good to get a bit of room from the vocal mic.

Maybe next time I’ll manage something completely acoustic!