Kit Hawes and Aaron Catlow

If anyone ever had the devil in their fingers is these folks! If they weren’t so nice i’d be scared.

So I’m still trying for the realest most natural sound I can get and aside from the mic techniques, I think this comes from letting the players feel natural. I encourage them to ignore the mics and play to the room, and we don’t use headphones or any kind of monitor. I feel that as soon as I give a player the headphones – I’ve taken their dynamics away from them. They ask for more or less of this and that while trying not to get tangled in the headphone lead. When they just play together completely acoustically without me interfering – it’s real, they get louder and quieter naturally and pretty much mix it themselves. They are connected by the air that moves between them, not by my wires.

I mic’d the guitar and vocal with my usual vertical XY thing and the fiddle with a fairly wide mic, a bit off axis – I did this off axis as Aaron moves around a lot and it keeps the sound more consistent. Just out of camera shot is an ORTF array, I’ve blathered on about this in previous posts so I won’t do it again.